Advance praise for BEST FRIENDS FOREVER

“The action builds to a huge reveal that leaves the reader wondering which of the two women is more twisted. Fans of psychological thrillers will be well satisfied.”
Publishers Weekly

“Margot Hunt’s cleverly constructed thriller kept me guessing ’til the very end.”
Peter Swanson, author of Her Every Fear and The Kind Worth Killing

“Margot Hunt’s richly drawn women wrap their hands around your throat and don’t let go. A suspenseful page-turner that kept me puzzling over who did it until the last few pages. Fantastic!”
Cate Holahan, author of The Widower’s Wife

“Best Friends Forever is a clever thriller that asks how far we’ll go to protect our friends. Margot Hunt will keep you guessing until the final, satisfying twist.”
Alafair Burke, author of The Ex

“Friends or husbands? Who do women tell more truth? Give more allegiance? Margot Hunt shocks and astounds as she explores these tugs of loyalty in Best Friends Forever, a psychological thriller that kept me off balance even after turning the last page.”
Randy Susan Meyers, author of The Widow of Wall Street

“BEST FRIENDS FOREVER is a page turner of a read, delving into the often fraught world of female friendships and the wreckage left behind when they implode. The women at the heart of this novel are full of secrets kept from loved ones, each other, and most of all, themselves. You may think you know how this story is going to end. But trust me, you don’t. “
Amy Engel, author of The Roanoke Girls

On sale January 23, 2018!