Best Friends Forever

Do we ever truly know the people closest to us?

Alice Campbell is a coolly logical former math professor now leading a suburban life as a stay-at-home mom. When she meets Kat Grant, a charming and charismatic heiress, the two become fast friends. But as they grow closer, trading confidences and becoming increasingly enmeshed in one another’s lives, Alice discovers that Kat’s life is not as perfect as it first appears.


When Kat’s husband Howard falls to his death off the second story balcony of their Jupiter Island mansion, the police treat his death as a murder. Alice is determined to figure out what the police know before they can cast the blame on Kat. But suddenly the police are more focused on where Alice was on the night Howard died . . . and Kat has stopped returning her phone calls.

To save herself, Alice is forced into a battle of wits with her best friend, where truth and lies are used as weapons, and the only rule is that she can’t trust anyone.

Available January 23, 2018